A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the GMTK gamejam.

Don't let the spirit die from the lack of light ! But beware of the cat lurking in the night, it might be tempted by your ethereal glow.

How to play :

  • The spirit is gaining strength when there is light around.
  • Click on the lantern to light it up.
  • Click on the frog token when it is fully charged to call a lantern bearing frog servant.
  • The cat is progressively approaching when there is light around.
  • Hover the mouse on the bamboo stick to sprinkle water on the cat.
  • The cat, the water, and the absence of light is scaring the spirit.
  • The score is represented by how far right is the sun.

How is it respecting the theme :
The light serves three functions : healing the spirit, showing the score and attracting the cat. Choose carefully the moment to call the frog as its source of light cannot be interrupted halfway.

How it was made :

  • The «Squama Engine», a custom F# engine based on «MonoGame», using itself the «SDL2».
  • All graphics were drawn using piskel and my laptop's touchpad, as I don't have access to a mouse or a graphic tablet right now.
  • The music was composed using «boscaceoil».

Install instructions

  • The binaries should be executable on windows and mac + linux (with mono), but has only been tested on windows.
  • The game should launch by itself in full screen 1366 x 728.
  • Use a mouse, no keyboard required.


Lux Pro Spirito.zip 5 MB

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